Meme Spirited

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Getting passed this "award" from a fellow SPD Blogger was a pleasant surprise, and I'll do my best to go with it in spite of the grumbly sore throat kleenex haze I find myself in today.

Here's the seven things to share about myself...

1.  I grew up in relatively rural, smallish Midwestern town and moved to Chicagoland after college to look for a job.   I have been known to use the word "y'all" and if I have a drink or two my carefully redacted redneck accent comes roaring back.

2.  I can haz a BA in Engineering Communications from U of I Chambana, and a BS in Biological Sciences from U of I at Chicago.  Which means I am qualified to do little more than write about geeky stuff.

3.  Cooking is how I show my people I love them. 

4. My husband and I met in music theory class when we were both engineering majors. 

5.  I played the clarinet from 6th grade through college, including a 3 year run with the Marching Illini. The MI was the hardest favorite thing I've ever done, until...

6.  To manage the fallout from my chronic health condition, I took up triathlon.  At 150 pounds overweight.  I've lost 50 pounds and have finished 5 races.  Someday I want to finish an Ironman. (When I have time, I blog about this over at

7.  It took us nearly 7 years to have Bear.  SPD be damned, he was worth every moment of the wait. 

And.... it's past my bedtime and I'm really rather sick.  I'll have to revisit passing the baton when I'm not feeling so rotten.