Another Reason I Love My Husband

Friday, September 3, 2010

We wanted to take Bear for a walk around the (3/4 mile) block (or something comparably active) this morning, before strapping the poor unsuspecting child into a car seat for 400 miles.

While we were packing he found the wheelie backpack his Mawgie got for him and was happily dragging it around the house.  Wonderful Husband decided to get Bear out of the way while I finished packing, so volunteered for walk (wander, look at ants, listen to cars, talk about doggies...) duty.

Bear insisted the backpack come along for the walk, and even in my half sleepy cranky frantic vacation packing state I managed to have a brilliant insight before they made it out the door.

Me: Honey! Put some weight in the backpack.  Some canned food or something.

WH: (grabbing first thing he sees) How about a stack of books about SPD?  For the irony!