Conversation With Myself

Saturday, September 19, 2015

I accidentally crashed my triathlon blog, so this post goes here for now until I get that sorted out.

So I got my tubes tied. I'd been told I would be able to "resume normal activities" within a day. In true medical disaster fashion I was in bed for days with a painful anesthesia reaction, but I knew I probably couldn't resume "normal" activities that soon anyway, because these days my normal is most people's haaayyuuuull no.

8 days post op the annoying tugging feeling with every step was finally subsiding and I decided to go for a walk. Which... included some running. Even though I'd debated being ready for a walk. Cause Type A.

Me that day, wondering WTF is wrong with me...

Skeptical chick is skeptical

The next morning was chilly. Almost cold.  I squeed the squee of a thumbholes addict and rushed to put on my shiny new cool weather running outfit.  The one I had to buy because apparently, running is a thing I do now.

Thumbholes cause spontaneous jazz hands!
(Weight loss to date: 107)
I knew I should be taking it easy but... Mother Nature. She called to me.  I was bursting to run. BURST. ING.

Which, to be honest, is not an emotion with which I am familiar. I'm in it for the cute outfits. And the thumbholes. And I was still taking it easy, right? Riiiiight.

This was the conversation the crazy people who live in my head had that lovely morning:

Newly Minted Runner Chick: ZOMG!! Perfect fall day! We need to ruuuuuuuun! Come on guys let's go let's go let's goooooo!

Post Op Chick: Are we sure about this?

Pragmatic Chick: Let's go slow and see what happens.

NMRC: This feels GREAT!!

Pragmatic Chick: I don't think we should do more than 2 miles. We already decided not to race that 10K next month, no reason to push.

Triathlete Chick & NMRC & Type A Chick: ONLY 2 MILES???

Pragmatic Chick: What say you, body?

Body: I'm up for 3.


GPS Lady: total distance, 3 miles

Body: I, um... kinda sorta totally don't want to stop. On account of this is awesome.


Pragmatic Chick: Uh, guys...

Frowny Face Ortho Doc: Didn't I JUST lecture you about being an over achiever?

NMRC: Don't listen to him, we ROCK. We can run forever. We could do that 10K right now if we wanted to!!

GPS Lady: total distance, 4 miles


Body: She has a point.

Pragmatic Chick: OFFS

Frowny Face Ortho Doc: *throws up hands and stomps away*


Pragmatic Chick: This is your regular workout distance and you're only 9 days post op. Howz about you get your head out of your ass now?

Thus ended the workout that subtly tipped the scales of my identify from "one who reluctantly runs to calorically finance my martini habit" to "runner."