Pirate Theme Birthday Party - DIY Water Bottle Labels

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

When my first one turned 6 and wanted a pirate themed birthday party I took plenty of pictures of all the projects with every intention of turning them into a series of DIY pirate party blog posts.

That kiddo is about to turn 10 and my second is about to turn 6... and wants a pirate themed birthday party. 

So this is me, finally putting it all together for you and for me. I'll add links and make a master collection once I get enough up.

Custom Labeled Birthday Party Water Bottles
For reasons that escape me, making your own labels for water bottles is one of the easiest ways to impress people with your party planning prowess.

I love them because they're a quick, cute and kid friendly project.

Flat(s) of bottled water (I get the little 8 oz bottles, I find there's less wasted)
Scotch tape

Printed labels (download a free PDF printable of the water bottle label pictured above)

There are 7 bottle labels per page, so just do the math for how many pages to print based on the number of water bottles you're doing.

1) Cut out the labels. 

If your kiddos are old enough, they can do this with scissors. If you're lazy like me, a paper cutter will make quick work of this, but that's decidedly not a kid friendly option.

2) Tear the existing labels off the water bottles. I highly recommend letting the kiddos do this. It's fun and easy.

3) Tape the new labels on. This is pretty kid friendly, though if precision matters to you then your mileage may vary.

That's it. That's the project. It's so self explanatory I thought about just throwing up the picture and the printable download, but for the sake of search engines and all I figured I should include some words.

Learn From My Mistakes
These labels won't survive being dunked in a cooler full of melting ice at a party. Which should go with out saying... yet here we are.

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