Tuesday, September 14, 2010

This morning I took Bear to a bike shop to size him for the Big! Boy! Bike! that he's getting for his 3rd birthday.  It went well (i.e. he passed as an NT for that 15 minutes in public), and we even got a wistful 'awww, it's his first bike' from one of the bike shop dudes.

It was lovely little 'my baby's turning 3' moment.  Just me and my Bear, geeking out over all the shiny bikes and generally having fun.

Cut to tonight.  I'm hunched over the computer reading screens full of 40 page PDF documents and workbooks with names like "When I'm 3, Where Will I Be" and watching bad videos made by the state to help with the transition out of Early Intervention.  And I can't stop crying. 

This is one of those times it hits me how different things are for us, and that other families don't have to do this extra stuff.  The average parent will never have to do a workbook with a cheesy name masking a terrifying question.

It makes me really, really wish I didn't have that meeting tomorrow so I could, just for today, pretend that we're one of those workbookless families who just gets to enjoy the shiny new bike side of things.