Nerdy Cat Names FTW!!

Monday, December 5, 2016

After our last cat of four passed away over 2 years ago, we agreed to wait until the kids were a little older to bring in more pets.

It was the right call. But it feels like forever. Because KITTEH. I need one. Or four. Whatever.

Last weekend, the husband and I realized we were sitting in separate rooms surreptitiously surfing the same shelter cats. After having a good laugh, we piled into the van and went to visit them in person.

Y'all know we brought home a cat.

Exhibit A

His shelter name was Goose. But we don't have a Maverick so his name had to change. Because obviously.

We enlisted the help of friends. We wanted something clever or distinctive or geeky. The geekier, the better. I mean, come on. We're us.

You guys. A handful of these are mine, but my friends delivered hard core. So much so I just had to collect their ideas and give them the credit they deserve. I'd need to adopt a whole shelter full of cats to use them all.

So. Without further blather I give you... geeky cat names!

Literary References
Pixel (Heinlein)
Mr. Underfoot  (Heinlein)
Ender (Orson Scott Card)
Cheshire (Alice in Wonderland)
Arthur Dent (Hitchhiker)
Ford Prefect (Hitchhiker)
Xaphod Beeblebrox  (Hitchhiker)
Paul Miau-ad'Dib (Dune)
Mr. Darcy (No one in my family appreciated this one. Clearly the wrong audience.)

Harry Potter References
Peter Pettimew
Professor McGonagall*

*If this sweet little tabby had been female, I'd have gone straight to Professor McGonagall and called it Minnie (Minerva) or maybe Maggie. Because of course I would. But he happens to be male, so I'm saving it for another cat.

Tolkien / Middle Earth References
Purregrine Took
Mrrriadoc Brandybuck
Furamir, Naptain of Yawndor
Tomcat Bombadil

Game of Thrones References
Catlin Stark
Tomcat Purratheon, First of His Name   (I love this one so. hard.)

Star Trek References
Chief Meowls O'Brien
Pawvel Checkov
Jean Luc Picard
Worf son of Meowgh
Earl Grey
Gul DuCat (DS9)

Firefly References
Shepurred Book
Meowl Reynolds
Captain Tightpants

Science References
Sagan (as in Carl)
Darwin (call him Charlie)
Schrodinger (this nearly won, we've always wanted to use this name on a cat)

TV References
Captain Jack Harkness (Doctor Who)
Doctor Mew (Doctor Who)
Benedict Cumbercat (Sherlock)
Doctor Watson (Sherlock)
Moriarty (Sherlock)

Princess Bride References
Fezzik / Fuzzik
Inigo Meowtoya
The Dread Pawrate Roberts (I wanted this one badly.)

Miscellaneous Movie References
Senator Palpurrtine (Star Wars)
Max Rockcattansky (Mad Max)
Fievel Catch-a-Mousekewitz (An American Tale)
Dade (Hackers)

General Geekery
Aaron Purr (Hamilton)
Gattos Vakarian (Mass Effect)
Commander Shepurrd (Mass Effect)

Sports References
Rizzo (Cubs)
Wrigley (Cubs)

The kids really liked Moriarty, so that's what we landed on. It works. The 4 year old likes to call him Mo.

It's already like he's lived here forever.

The very first night!

Do you have any ideas for geeky cat names? I'd love to hear your thoughts!