Special Needs Student Resume 2014 Update

Thursday, July 24, 2014

I knew when I wrote my original Getting To Know You: Special Needs Student Resume post that I would need to revise it as the years went by, because our kids have this sneaky habit of growing up and changing on us.

So here we are again, staring down the start of a new school year. Most of us are have a shiny new pile of fears about how our kids will handle the transition to new schools, new teachers, new aids, new therapists, new classmates. Heck, I wasn't sure how mine would handle needing a new backpack (pause to thank the Powers That Be for Angry Birds Star Wars)!

Each year we face the daunting task of communicating who they are and what they need to new instructors, plus updating familiar staff on how their needs have changed. But we accept the challenge because we want everyone in their lives to understand what wonderful people they are, and what they need to thrive.

For our part, my older son is moving from his Gen Ed placement with a 1:1 to an outplacement at a school with a dedicated curriculum for autistic students, which we are both happy and sad about, for all the predictable reasons. And we're in EI transition planning with my younger son, which means moving him into the district in which my older son has been crashing and burning. So no worries there, right?  He'll be getting his own version of this resume just in time for the dreaded 3rd birthday.

All of this is why I developed the special needs student resume. And why I decided to share it with all y'all. And since I get most folks would rather chew off their own arm than write a resume, why I also created a free template to make it faster and easier to make your own.

Go forth and advocate!

View and download a PDF of this 3 page sample special needs student resume (1st Grade)

View and download a PDF of a 2 page sample special needs student resume (Kindergarten)

Download a dotx Word template for creating a Special Needs Student Resume


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  1. Thank you, pinned to my 2e Children board!

  2. I hope you don't mind if I borrow this idea to create a resume or business card for my daughter. She does not have autism but has a condition called hydrocephalus. It get so tiring explaining the condition and it's "side effects" over and over again. This sure would save me time and frustration. Thanks!

    1. Not at all! I shared this idea for any and all parents of special needs kids to adapt as necessary - I think we all share the frustration of needing to constantly re-explain their needs. The sample and template are a bit focused on autistic characteristics because that's all I know, but you can obviously change at will. I've actually been thinking of a longer term project to develop templates that address the specific needs a variety of challenges, so I appreciate your feedback!

      If you're looking for something a little more compact to pass out, you might want to take a quick look at this postcard template I created for wandering awareness that includes a list of "symptoms." If you need something quick and simple to explain key challenges, it could easily be adapted to that.

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