Game of Life

Sunday, April 14, 2013

I left the house all by myself today. 

I can hear what you're thinking and... YES!  That statement does deserve balloons and confetti.  But I don't know the emoticon for that.

Anyhoo.  I was at Staples and turned around to see my former boss's boss.  A warm, smart, funny woman with an effortlessly tasteful, classic style. I both worshiped and was utterly intimidated by her at my last job.

My immediate thought after recognizing her was "Damn, she even manages to make jeans on a Sunday afternoon look classy."

Even though it's been 9 years she recognized me, came right over to give me a big hug, and then we spent a few moments catching up.

As I was driving home, I - the sloppy, exhausted, work from home, yoga pants addicted, special needs mom - realized the unbelievable luck that the one time I bump into this woman I admire so much, that:

- I had just showered
- My hair and makeup were done
- I was wearing my favorite casual yet grown up yet fun outfit
- With cute boots
- I was shopping to upgrade my office equipment
- Because the business I quit her department to start is so successful
- And I weigh 50 pounds less than the last time she saw me

So for today? I am winning. 

Also? I don't think the Universe can send a more clear signal I should go buy a lottery ticket.