More Effective Than a Blue Light Bulb

Friday, April 6, 2012

This morning Bear was moaning, twitching, flailing and crying before he even opened his eyes - I don't think I've ever seen him wake up already in a full meltdown. It took all I had to restrain him so he didn't accidentally hurt the baby, who was sound asleep next to us.

He finally woke up enough to stop thrashing, but was nonverbal for a good hour after that.  All I could think about was the fact we were supposed to pick up his glasses today and how on earth was THAT going to happen now?

Eventually he calmed down and I decided we might as well go for it.

The fitting was quick and easy.  I was relieved. We were turning to go when she noticed there was a small balance due to discrepancy with insurance.  So, we got in line to pay.

I could tell right away he wasn't going to make it.  After chasing a random customer trying to leave so he could explain that his glasses had a special chemical that made them dark, he started vocal stimming and touching all their (fragile) Easter decorations.  Then he started doing chin ups on the reception desk (a favorite sensory seeking stim for him in boring doctor's waiting rooms). 

He wasn't even close to being in a place where verbal prompts were going to reach him, but he was starting to get That Look from several people in the lobby and I needed to look like I was trying.

Thankfully, the receptionist noted my dilemma and made short work of my small transaction just as he was really starting to ramp things up.

I picked him up, cheerfully announced to those staring at us "It's Autism Awareness Month! Look! Now you're aware of Autism!" and got the hell out.