If Only We Cared This Much About World Peace

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Scene: @AGeekDad and Bear are playing Lego Star Wars while I nurse Baby Tiberius. I'm stuck watching their game because I forgot my phone.

Situation: R2-D2 is stuck in the swamp on Dagobah.

Me: Why can't Yoda just lift him out?

@AGeekDad: He's not all powerful.

Me: But why can't he just lift him out?

@AGeekDad: It's a discrepancy in the game.

Me (genuinely upset): But he can lift the entire X-Wing from the swamp!

@AGeekDad (genuinely annoyed): I said, it's a discrepancy in the game.

Bear (singing): I'm bein Yoda... Yoda Yoda Yoda...
(Yelling): Daddy!!  Wait for Yoda!!

Nope, no geeks here. No sireee.