Sensational Snowman - Part 2

Sunday, February 13, 2011

This is the second half the Sensational Snowman indoor winter activity.

After the glue holding the 3 paper balls together dries, it's time to stand back and let the kids get creative.

Since I'm a craft store junkie, I've got a box full of stuff like felt scraps and puff balls and pipe cleaners.  I actually have a big bin labeled "rainy day" where I toss anything with project potential, but I know not everyone is that nuts.

If you don't happen to have a bunch of decorative items in a craft bin, let the kids design their snowman decorations on paper.  They can cut (or tear) their snowman embellishments out of construction paper, or color them on white paper before cutting them out.

The big bag of puff balls was one of the first things I got when he first started speech and OT through Early Intervention (because it was cheap and easy).

Obviously, we played with the bag o' puffy balls until he got it out of his system and he was ready to focus on decorating the snowman with them.

 Making a scarf for the snowman was another opportunity to practicing cutting on a line, and the felt offers extra resistance.

Making a ski cap type hat is just cutting a semi-circle, so it's a great one for a younger kiddo.  We also did a top hat, but that one required a lot more help.  (Bear was able to trace the circles but I had to cut them out.)

Gluing the goodies on is another chance for him to get squeezy input.

We also discovered it's another great chance for a tactile experience when the glue inevitably gets all over his hands.  The liquid glue didn't bother him much, but he was very curious and mildly uncomfortable with the way dried glue felt on his hands.

That's all there is to it!  I let him glue stuff to the snowman until he got bored and wandered away.

Bear loves that his snowmen are on display in the family room