Looking Forward

Friday, December 17, 2010

The scene at my back door:

What my neighbors think it means:
I'm a poor sweet doggy left all alone out in the snow and nobody loves me. Won't you take pity on me? Pleeease? Let me in where it's warm and dry so I can shed on the couch pleeasse?

What it really means:
omg you guys there's snooooooowwww!!! And it's aaawweesoooooome!!! omgomgomg you have so totally got to get out here and check this out! Plleeeaaaaaaaaase won't you come out to play? Huh? Huh?! Comeoncomeoncomeoncomeon come out and play in the snow with meeeeeee!!!!

I adopted Kona 4 years ago because I was a triathlete who needed a running buddy and he was an under trained, overly energetic abandoned pup who needed to live with someone who needed a running buddy.  I still feel guilty for turning up pregnant 3 months after he joined our family and suddenly making him live a slower paced life he wasn't built for. 

Bear's and Kona's energy levels are a match made in heaven, and every day that passes brings us *this* much closer to a heartwarming boy and his dog scenario worthy of the smarmiest Hallmark channel movie.  Watching Bear growing up with this sweet, wonderful dog for a best friend is one of the things I'm looking forward to most of all.