The Things We Do For Our Kids

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Bear got his first ever non-family birthday party invitation.  Lovely (soon to be) 3 year old little girl with a lovely mom we know through friends. Happy to participate.

But.  It's at Chuck E Cheese.

Which is against our religion.   Seeing as how this godless liberal family has but one creed, and that is: Never. EVER. Go To Chuck E Cheese.

It doesn't help that my visually defensive, auditory defensive, chronic migraine self makes such a place a personal purgatory.

But. Yeah, there's another but.  (Cause with an ass like mine, there might as well be two!)

Bear's OTs consistently assign "put him in social situations" homework.  On account of his social and language delays.

My BFF will be there (my rock, my sanity, my primary supporter who pushed as hard as I did to get Bear a diagnosis).  And her daughter, Bear's BFF (AKA YiiiiiiiiiiiiYiiiiiiiii!!! Always at full intensity and volume).  Their presence will make it bearable.

And I just found out the birthday girl is also in EI. So, there will be multiple supportive moms there who get it's harder for Bear.  That's one thing I'm sincerely dreading as this scenario repeats itself over time - the added stress of monitoring his reactions PLUS the judgment of other uninformed parents in attendance.

So we're going.  Just kind of wishing I'd gotten around to working out that migraine emergency injection pen with my doc...